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Worship Returns to Sanctuary 
May 31, 2020 at 9:30 AM

The time has come for worship to return to the Sanctuary with some Social Distancing guidelines -

1) Please wear a mask.
2) Doors will open at 9:20 AM - please wait in your car and a door person will hold the door for you. The entrances that will be open will be the Front Door and the Education Wing Door. The Fellowship Hall will be closed and we ask that when you enter to go directly to a pew in the Sanctuary.
3) Every other pew will be open and households should sit together in one pew. If there is one in a pew and it is safe to sit social distanced, i.e. on opposite sides of the pew.
4) We may greet by waving at one another, but we ask that, for the time being, we do not congregate.
5) Hymns will be omitted and all the liturgy will be spoken to limit the aerosols that could be spread by singing.
6) Signs will be placed around the building to offer guidance as well as hand sanitizer in various locations.

These guidelines will be reviewed as we continue through the various phases and as we review the guidance given and the state of our community. Ultimately, we desire that everyone feel safe and to help keep everyone healthy. We ask that if you feel ill to please stay home and partake of our worship on our Facebook Page which will be livestreamed!

We look forward to worshiping together again!

If you have any questions feel free to email pastorchris@goodshepherdlcmc.org

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Welcome Home!

If you are looking for a good Christian home, you'll find no better family than ours!

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has been doing ministry in the Washington, IN area since 1963!
We are
  • Christ-centered
  • Biblically-grounded
  • Traditionally-based
  • Evangelically-focused
All Are Welcome!
No matter where you are in life, this a place to connect and be loved. We are a family ready to welcome you! We are all broken and fall short of the glory of God and are in need of the healing Word of Jesus Christ.

In Christ, we are united as family! We look forward to you becoming a part of ours! 

This welcome is established based on a trusting in the salvation given to us through Jesus Christ as promised to us within Scripture. When we trust the Word of God, aka the Bible, as being reliable and without error as written by those who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to faithfully express the will and promises of God as well as faithfully presenting the history of God's creation and His work to restore the hearts of His people, we can faithfully cling to the promises as presented.
  1. Restore fallen brothers and sisters in Christ with a spirit of gentleness.
  2. Stand firm in the faith as given within God's Holy Word.
  3. Help brothers and sisters in their struggles.
  4. Be faithful to study and to be taught the Word of God by faithfully meeting together with others studying Scripture.
  5. Strive to do the good will of God at all times especially for other brothers and sisters in the faith.
  6. Live by the standards given by Scripture and settle all disputes as outlined in Matthew 18.
Family of Faith
“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” 
(Galatians 6:10, ESV)
Galatians 6:1-10 highlight the ideal of what it means to be a follower of Christ. We live in a world that has lost what it means to be family. With all the paths of connection, people are more isolated than ever. True relationships are at best limited and at worst non-existent for many lives. Marriage is a commitment made out of an idea of love yet tend to be superficial. How do we bear one another's burdens when we do not trust anyone enough to truly share our lives? The goal of our faith is that we are interconnected in faith and that, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we see each other as family. Family, in the truest sense, is interconnected and supportive of one another seeking to assist in our faith journey. 
Join us for Worship!
Sundays at 9:30 PM
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

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